Q.  Where do I start?

 A.  First, start by defining your “most likely prospect”. Based on your own research, what type of person or business are you trying to reach? What are their attributes or what specific characteristics do they share with others?  Age?  Gender?  Income?  Family type?  Business type? Annual sales?  Number of employees?  Etc.

Second, estimate your geographical marketing area. Where do these potential customers live or do business? How far will they realistically travel to do business with you? (or how far do you want to travel to do business with them?)

Q.   How well does the mailing list work?

A.   Although it’s a very important part of a mailing, the list is just one component. Most successful mailings generate a “call to action” or a reason to act now. There should also be a deadline to receive the benefits of the offer you’re presenting. The timeliness of your offer is another factor. If you own a store that sells camping gear, for example, you will have better success in May or June than in October.

Q.   How current is the mailing list?

A.   Understand that people are born, marry, move, die and divorce every day. Businesses are formed, bought, sold, moved, merged, renamed and liquidated. This is recorded as soon as it becomes public information but there is usually a time lag between the event and the availability of the data. Even a lag of just two weeks can create a 2-3% error rate. Most lists average about 95% accuracy.

Q.   How is the mailing list priced?

 A.   List prices are determined by:

a.      The type and number of specific selections you make.

b.     The quantity ordered and

c.      The number of times you will be using the list.

Q.   How do I pay for the list?

A.   All list purchases must be prepaid. We accept most major credit cards for your purchase.