We Can Put You In Front of These
‘Golden Markets’

Home Selling and Real Estate Professionals

• Baby Boomers are just about 25% of the homeowner
population but own over 50% of the homes.
• Baby Boomers are twice as likely to be home sellers in
any given year.

Home Sales
• Over 70% of Baby Boomers contact only one agent for
listing their home.

Financial Planners

• While business and the media tend to focus on
millennials (18-34 year olds), individuals aged 55+
spend twice as much as millennials, and by 2020, their
spending power will reach $20 trillion.
• It is estimated that 10,000 Americans will turn 60 every
day for the next 20 years. This makes retirement
planning an extremely vital issue.

Home Health Care

• In over 20 million households, there is a senior citizen
that is not the primary decision maker. These are
typically older parents or relatives living with their
• In today’s environment, nursing home residency is
usually not the first choice until around-the-clock care
is needed.