Mailing Lists

Maybe you are just opening the doors of your new business for the first time, or you feel your business is well established, but growth has slowed or even stopped. You may have unexpected new competition in your marketing area siphoning off your customers.

Many of you are “in between”. Doing O.K. – but treading water to keep your business afloat. We have gone through many of these growth stages ourselves and at one time or another we have seen all of these situations in our own customer base.

One thing you all have in common is a need for additional $ales!

The top 5 reasons to promote your business using
 Accurate Mailing Services

1. Unsure of exactly who your target audience is?

We’ll work with you one-to-one to help you define and select your “most likely prospect”. 
(Tip – they’ll have a lot in common with your best customers)

 2. Geographically challenged? Not quite sure where to locate them?

We know local direct mail marketing! With our mapping software and demographic data we can make sure you’re mailing is “on target”.

 3. Are you totally lost trying to decipher postal regs?

Our knowledge of postal regulations can help you reduce costs and speed delivery of your offer to potential clients. We can even pre-sort your mailing list for maximum postage savings. In fact, it’s not unusual for the cost of your mailing list to be completely paid by savings in postage!

 4. Don’t have an unlimited marketing budget? (go ahead, you can smile)

You can save up to 50% in minimum charges on most lists. We can even match your existing customer list against your new list for duplicates. You pay only for new names!

5. You are not in this alone.

Use our experience to move your business to the next level. Whether your market is concentrated in your own neighborhood, zip code, within a few miles of your front door, or spread out across several counties or states, we can help you reach the most qualified prospects in your area.

If you’re looking to build (or rebuild) your business, we can help. Whether you market to consumers or other businesses, we offer a complete selection of prospect lists in minutes –and it’s just a few clicks away!