Mailing Lists

Imagine this for a moment, if your business was destroyed by a natural disaster and you needed to rebuild…what would be the hardest to replace?

It’s not your electronic gear or machinery.

Some of it is probably already obsolete.

Most could be replaced in hours if needed.

It wouldn’t be your inventory either.

You can re-stock pretty fast. Your vendors will make sure of it.

Even staff and other employees can be replaced.

When you think about it, everything you needed to get started was likely in place before you even opened your doors. The only thing lacking was CUSTOMERS.

We’ll work with you to help you define, select and reach your “most likely” prospect.

List Edit

If you have been maintaining your own customer list, it’s time to have it updated.
Consider just one statistic – the number of families who move in a year (average 14%).

It’s also a good bet that 3-5% of the addresses in your customer list are invalid, usually a data entry error.

Don’t forget duplicate entries. Would you really need to send two or more promotions to the same household?

Add it all up and it’s very likely that your customer list could be only 80% accurate.

A typical customer list is like a leaky tire except, instead of air, you are losing money.

We can edit your list, update addresses for those who have moved. Correct invalid addresses for anyone who is listed. Point out duplicate listings (there are several different types of duplicates) and get all the changes back to you so they can be corrected on your database. This way, in future promotional mailings, you’ll be sure to reach everyone on the list.