Success Stories

Does your business or organization take advantage of timing?

Fitness centers looking for new members have found that, outside of early January – what they call the New Year’s resolution rush, more people sign up during the month of their birthday than any other time of the year. It’s a time when many people check themselves in a mirror and decide the coming year needs to be different. Each month we mail an introductory offer to prospects having a birthday who fit her criteria.

Want to greatly increase your exposure at no additional cost?

The customer above found that many people who had never joined a fitness club didn’t feel comfortable about working out with a group of people they didn’t know. When asked, “Is there any way that you could make it for us and a friend so we wouldn’t have to go alone and that would be much more fun anyway?”, it rang a bell. Now the offer says “You and the friend of your choice will receive a one-month trial membership.” The response rate almost doubled.

Are there other ways to generate business?

Let’s say you own a toy store. Christmas is great! But what about the rest of the year? We have a customer who mails every month to families in their area who have young children who will be having an upcoming birthday. The store has a birthday registry that lets the children pick out what the gifts they would like to receive. Customers don’t have to guess which gifts the birthday child really wants most.

Don’t overlook an opportunity to upsell.

A resort complex wanted to build traffic for their theater. We mailed a free theater ticket offer to women, living within 10 miles that were having a birthday in that month. The ROI was way higher than expected. It turned out that for every free ticket offer accepted, another three tickets, on average, were sold to the birthday women’s family or guests. Not only that, when calling to make reservations for the theater performance, a significant number also made dinner reservations. On top of that, there were even some who checked into the resort for the evening or the weekend!

Where can you find new customers?

Some businesses have a long customer life. For example, when was the last time you switched dentists? How about hair stylists? Churches?
One way to attract new people is to reach them right after they have moved into your area. Our new mover program reaches new residents in your area on a monthly basis. It’s also a great source of new business for local cleaning, car repair and home maintenance companies.

Make your marketing more efficient.

Every home has heating and air conditioning but it’s not very cost effective to try to reach every home in an area. One customer found a better way. The typical warranty for HVAC units is about 15 years. Using that criteria, we mail to homes that were constructed 15-18 years ago. By narrowing the search, the homes he is reaching are much more likely to need his services.